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Best Practices in Online Language Instruction

An ever-­growing contingent of world language educators find themselves teaching world languages online without having received adequate preparation in pre-­ or in-­service contexts. In 2015, the NFLRC surveyed online language teachers and, based on their input, it created and offered three online modules on different areas of Online Language Pedagogy (OLP): interaction, materials development, and assessment. The webinars recorded for each module were subsequently made available as OERs in the form of TED Ed lessons. 

In view of the success of the program and its resources and the continued need for specialized materials in this area, the NFLRC will subsequently be developing and offering three more 10­-hour online modules that will become part of the existing collections, the first of which debuted in Fall 2019.


2019: Selecting and Adapting Materials for Online Language Learning and Teaching


2018: Assessment in Online Language Courses


2017: Materials Development for Online Language Courses


2016: Designing Interaction for Online Language Learning


ACTFL DL SIG / NFLRC Mentoring Program for Online Language Teachers

The three modules (above) were later supplemented with additional content created in the same format through a collaboration between the NFLRC and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Distance Learning Special Interest Group (SIG). ACTFL then piloted a mentoring program with support from its Distance Learning SIG in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. The NFLRC resources created for best practices in online foreign language instruction in the previous cycle became the core content for this program, which was officially launched in Fall 2018.

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