Spam Haiku

Grotesque pinkish mass Pink tender morsel
In a blue can on a shelf Glistening with salty gel
Quivering alone What the hell is it?
Like some spongy rock Ears, snouts, and innards,
A granite, my piece of Spam A homogenous mass
In sunlight on my plate Pass another slice
Oh Argentina! Cube of cold pinkness
Your little tin of meat soars Yellow specks of porcine fat
Above the pampas Give me a spork please
The color of Spam Old man seeks doctor
is natural as the sky: "I eat Spam daily", he says.
A block of sunrise Angioplasty
Little slab of meat Highly unnatural
In a wash of clear jelly The tortured shape of this "food"
Now I heat the pan A small pink coffin
Oh tin of pink meat Slicing your sweet self
I ponder what you may be: Salivating in suspense
Snout or ear or feet? Sizzle, sizzle..Spam
In the cool morning Pink beefy temptress
I fry up a slab of Spam I can no longer remain
A dog barks next door Vegetarian