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Clementine a la NFLRC

composed by the participants of Summer 1997

Distance Learning Web Workshop

In Hawaii on Oahu

at the NFLRC

lived the techies, mighty techies

playing ICUSee Me

Refrain: O my Front Page Oh my Web Site

Oh my precious Java Script

I have crashed and lost my folders

Guess my fingers must have slipped

Drive the techies to the campus

every morning just at 9

launch Explorer on the keyboard

check the Email using Pine


Virtual websites for a distance

manufactured in a week

lots of tables, forms and formats

that we always have to tweak


Tom our driver on the field trips

hauling van loads to and fro

Polynesian Cultural Center

and a snorkeling we did go


Candace Chou our fearless leader

Always there to lend a hand

Java Script and BB Edit

against Tom she'll take a stand


Heidi is our queen of leisure

making sure theres food and fun

Deborah's helping everybody

selling TShirts making puns


How we'll miss you How we'll miss you

You, Hawaii and the sun

But we'll come back if you ask us

So Mahalo everyone