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Project Proposal Guidelines

If everyone uses the following standard format for project proposals, it will be easier for the instructors to give you feedback on your plans. Read through the following eleven points, and then respond, following the outline point by point. You may email your proposal (see bottom of page) or leave your file in a folder bearing your name inside the "si97web" folder on the lab server called "Server." Don't forget to include your name somewhere, and include the word "proposal" in the name of your file.

1. Course Title

2. Language used, & level(s)

3. Delivery Mode. Please indicate how the course is packaged:

4. Receptive Skills. Please indicate which of the skills the course covers, and the relative weight of each:

5. Lesson Plan(s). Please describe the following aspects of the lesson plans you will produce:

6. Communicative Modalities. Please indicate the role each of the following modalities will play in your plan:

7. Media. Please indicate the types of media that will be employed, and how they will be employed:

8. Ancillary Communication Tools. Which of the following will be available, and for what purpose?

9. Why the Web? Briefly explain why the course (or part of it) is being offered over the Web rather than in more traditional modalities.

10. Challenges. Look in your crystal ball and tell us:

11. Future Plans. Tell us about your short- and long-term goals.

Please leave your project proposal in your server folder or email it to Candace and Tom (chou@hawaii.edu, tburke@hawaii.edu), following the above guidelines.