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Comparisons of BBEdit, Claris Homepage, Adobe PageMill& Microsoft FrontPage



Claris Homepage

Adobe PageMill

Microsoft FrontPage

WYSIWYG Interface no yes yes yes
Site Management minimal no no yes
publishing onto a remote Web server no yes no yes
open a file with a URL no no no yes
verifying hyperlinks yes no no yes
recalculating hyperlinks no no no yes
spell check yes yes yes yes
global spell check no no no yes
to do tasks no no no yes
personal Web server no no no yes
client-site image map editor no yes yes yes
image editor





clip art images no yes limited yes
form yes form palette inspector wizard
frames layout no yes inspector wizard
table editing limited yes yes yes
edit HTML source yes yes yes yes
non-Roman scripts yes/no yes/no no yes/no
cross-platform no yes yes yes
multimedia plug-ins no yes limited yes
drag and drop an image no yes yes no
on-screen help yes yes no yes
converting a pict fle into a gif file no yes no yes
need to save a file first before viewing it vith a browser locally yes yes no no
close the html file first before viewing it on the Internet no yes no no


Perfect for scripting / $149 est. street price (cheaper at educational discount rate)
demo version available for donwload

Claris Homepage
Home Page 2.0 / Claris Corp. / (800) 544-8554 / $79 est. street price
demo version available for donwload

Adobe PageMill
demo version available for donwload / $99

Microsoft FrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack
FrontPage 97 with Bonus Pack / Microsoft Corp. / (800) 426-9400 / $149 est. street price