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On-line Lessons

Reading Comprehension: Letter From Parents

This on-line lesson is a unit from the unpublished manuscript, Authentic Chinese Texts, compiled by Stephen Fleming, Cynthia Ning, and David Hiple of the Second Language Teaching & Curriculum Center at the University of Hawai`i. This unit, Letter from Parents, is for intermediate-level learners. The selection of authentic text is based on the four criteria: contextual, cultural, linguistic, and text organization. This lesson is being developed in five stages: pre-activities, global activities, specific information activities, linguistic activities, and post-activities. All materials in this lesson are designed for self-study, and would be ideal for assigned reading in regular classroom instruction. Please click on the pre-activities link to start the lesson.


Lesson Activities

Listening Comprehension: Interview with a Muleteer

This unit is a video clip taken from Chinese Language Video Clips for Classroom Use by Stephen Fleming. In this lesson, you will watch the interview with a muleteer on a quicktime movie and then review the following five activites:


Activity design: Stephen Fleming,Cynthia Ning, & David Hiple
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