Workshop Projects

All participants in the Pedagogy of the Internet Workshop are expected to begin one project during this week. The project can be on anything related to using the Internet for language teaching. Some examples might be:

Participants are encouraged to do something which will be useful for your own work. It is not necessary to come up with a highly polished product, but to at least begin a process which you can continue after the week. Everyone will have 10 minutes or so on Friday to briefly discuss their projects.

It is also expected that at least a brief description of all projects be put up on the Web during the week. Evenfor those of you that have no previous experience in HTML mark-up, this can be done quite easily. The priority will not be to make pages that are very fancy, but rather just to get some basic information up so that we will have a collective site with information that can be easily accessed by all the participants. Note that the lab will be open on two afternoons so that people can get individualized assistance in HTML if they need it (those who want to learn more advanced Web skills can also do so during these times). Software available to create your pages includes BBEDIT, SimpleText, Microsoft Word, and Word Perfect (all available in the Applie Menu under either Web Creation or Applications).

In order to create your web page, you will need to login into the pedagogy folder as follows:

Your home page should be saved within your folder, and should be saved as "default.html". (Note: Several of us will be around to help you during this process).