On-line Info for Computers

Here are a few URLs which relate to either to e-mailing or computers in general.

E-mail and General Computer Info

  • FAQ on Eudora in Japanese
  • FAQ on using Japanese on an English Windows PC
  • FAQ on Japanese computing
  • Info on ISDN
  • Viewing Japanese docs under English win/dos

    Real Time Communication

  • Candace's A/V software page
  • Chat information
  • CU-SeeMe
  • CU-SeeMe Software
  • CU-SeeMee Resources

  • IRC
  • MOO


  • BABEL - Glossary of computer oriented abbreviations and acronyms
  • Computer dictionary
  • The New Hacker*s Dictionary, 2nd Ed
  • On-line dictionaries
  • Software engineering glossary

    Style and Editing

  • Copyediting-1 Style FAQ
  • MLA Style Sheet for citations of electronic sources
  • Style sheet for citations of electronic sources


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