Below are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Web-based Workshops for Advanced Reading & Writing Development & Maintenance.

1. I heard before that the dates for this workshop were July 22-August 2. What happened?
Originally, we had tentatively chosen July 22-August 2 as the dates for our concurrent 2-week Chinese and Korean online workshops. These dates appeared in a number of our earlier advertisements for our 2002 NFLRC Summer Institutes. Due to a number of scheduling conflicts, we needed to move the dates for this workshop to August 5-16.

2. Who is eligible for these workshops?
Non-native speaking teachers of Chinese or Korean at the K-16 level (both current and future teachers) are eligible for this language maintenance professional development opportunity. These online workshops are not for just non-native speaking Chinese and Korean educators in the U.S. but are available to non-native speaking Chinese and Korean educators around the world who have the willingness to participate and a computer with an internet connection. Though not our target audience, Chinese and Korean non-native speaking professionals not specifically in the field of education will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact Stephen Fleming at

3. I participated in this same workshop last year. Can I join again to further develop and maintain my Chinese/Korean ability and skills?
Of course! We welcome repeat participants for this workshop. Please note that while the content of the Korean workshop will be the same as last year, the Chinese workshop will have a different set of lessons, using a different CD-ROM from last year, based on video segments shot in China, rather than on authentic texts.

4. I would like to participate in your workshop, but I am having difficulty completing your online application form because I'm not a speaker of English. What do I do?
We may be able to arrange for you to submit an application in your native language. Please write to Stephen Fleming at to find out about possible options.

5. When is the deadline for applications?
For this particular workshop, we have rolling admissions, which means whenever we receive an application submission, our selection committee decides (within two weeks of submission) whether to accept or reject it, and this is done until each workshop is filled up. The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 15. Because of this, we encourage potential applicants to submit their online applications as soon as possible.

6. Do I get to come to Hawaii (as with other NFLRC Summer Institutes)?
Sorry! Because the entire workshop takes place in cyberspace via the internet, there is no need for participants to leave the comfort of their homes (even though we're sure many would love the tropical change in scenery). The benefit, however, is that participants save a lot of money this way (see #7).

7. How much does it cost to participate in these web-based workshops?
It's FREE! We do not charge participants for being in the workshop nor do we charge them for the materials used (CD-ROM) in it. We will mail the workshop CD-ROM to accepted participants.

8. How much time do I need to devote to the workshop each day? What should I expect?
We recommend that during the 2-week workshop each participant be prepared to devote 4 hours a day for online/offline work. Remember that this chunk of time is devoted to your professional development and language maintenance and the prime beneficiary of all your efforts is you (and your students). The Web-based workshops, each of which uses a UH-developed CD-ROM as its "core textbook", feature a robust interactive component, so that participants will form an online learning community in which they will perform role-play tasks, hold discussions, and share compositions. For more details, visit the Highlights section of the website.

. What about the time difference? I'm in a time zone quite a few hours ahead/behind Hawaii Pacific time. Will this affect my participation?
he actual time of day you choose for your 4 hours is up to you. The workshops are asynchronous and participants read and post queries, input, and their work into the online classroom at their convenience. The basic experience of the workshop is like a real classroom staggered over time.

10. What kind of hardware/software will I need to participate in the workshops?
You will need to have access to a computer (either PC or Macintosh) with an internet connection. PC users will need to have at least Windows 95 or newer, Quicktime 4.0 or newer (if taking the Chinese workshop), 12 MB of available RAM, 16-bit video (minimum 600 X 800 screen resolution), and a CD-ROM drive (preferably 12X or higher). Mac users will need to have at least a PowerMacintosh with OS 7.6.1 or newer, 12 MB of available RAM, 16-bit video (minimum 600 X 800 screen resolution), and a CD-ROM drive (preferably 16X or higher). In addition you will need Chinese or Korean input and display software (e.g., Microsoft IME, Apple Language Kit, etc.)

Please contact Stephen Fleming at if you have any further questions.