June 14-26 Workshop

Self-directed learning covers a range of contexts, from pure self-instruction (with no teacher and no class) to regular classes in which teachers encourage learners to take charge of their own learning.

Self-directed learning offers great potential for the extension of instructional resources, especially for the less commonly taught languages (LCTLs). Growing enrollments have resulted in increased demand for educational resources in these languages but the wide geographical dispersal of the LCTL populations of learners makes it difficult to meet their needs through traditional classroom-based or distance-based education. Therefore, it is especially important that learners of these languages take responsibility for some or even all of their own learning. It has also been argued that taking charge of one's own learning leads to self-empowerment and that all learning is ultimately autonomous in the sense that it depends on the efforts of the learners themselves.

The workshop will provide participants with tools and techniques for promoting learner autonomy through:

The workshop will culminate with the June 24-26 Symposium, which will facilitate the sharing of resources, ideas, and information about all aspects of learner autonomy.


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