More about NFLRC Summer Institutes

Since 1991, the Center has united foreign language professionals nationwide through its intensive summer institutes, which have the overriding goal of providing intensive training in effective foreign language pedagogy. Summer institute themes focus on facilitating the teaching and learning of less commonly taught languages, particularly those of Asia and the Pacific. To broaden the impact of the summer institutes, participants are encouraged and expected to share skills and resources gained at the institute with colleagues both nationally and internationally.

Institutes offered during the current 3-year grant period include: the 1997 NFLRC Summer Institute on Foreign Language Instruction via Distance Education, which provided training in the effective integration of pedagogical, technological, and administrative aspects of interactive television-based and World Wide Web-based foreign language instruction; the 1998 NFLRC Summer Institute on Advancing Language Immersion Education, which prepared educators representing foreign, heritage, and indigenous language immersion programs to meet the challenges of immersion education; and the 1999 NFLRC Summer Institute on Self-Directed Learning: Materials & Strategies.

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