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Cases in the less commonly taught languages

Carol Anne Spreen (Editor)

In recent years, the National Security Education Program (NSEP) has supported an increasing number of programs for teaching languages using different technological media. This compilation of case study initiatives funded through the NSEP Institutional Grants Program presents a range of technology-based options for language programming that will help universities make more informed decisions about teaching less commonly taught languages. The seven chapters describe how different types of technologies are used to support language programs (i.e., Web, ITV, and audio- or video-based materials), discuss identifiable trends in e-language learning, and explore how technology addresses issues of equity, diversity, and opportunity. This book offers many lessons learned and decisions made as technology changes and learning needs become more complex.


About the National Security Education Program [PDF]

Preface [PDF]

Models for Distance Education in Critical Languages
David Hiple & Stephen Fleming
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

Foreign Language Distance Education: The University of Hawai'i Experience
Stephen Fleming, David Hiple, & Yun Du
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

Language Learning and the Internet: Student Strategies in Vocabulary Acquisition
Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail & Robert Zerwekh
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

Video in the Virtual Language Class: Building a Model for Web-Based Instruction
Ken Petersen
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

The Impact of Self-Instructional Technology on Language Learning: A View of NASILP
Alexander Dunkel, Scott Brill, & Bryan Kohl
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

LangMedia, a World Wide Web site for Language and Culture, and the Role of International Students in Its Creation
Elizabeth H. D. Mazzocco
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

A New Paradigm for Less Commonly Taught Languages: The Arabic Language and Middle East/North African Cultural Studies Program
Norman J. Peterson
[abstract] | [full text PDF]

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