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  • New! September 2014 Upload: 4 new articles and 2 technology reviews added to Volume 8

  • New! Special Publication No. 7: Language Endangerment and Preservation in South Asia is available here (published January 2014).
  • Special Publication No. 6: Microphone in the mud is available here (published July 2013).
  • Special Publication No. 5: Melanesian languages on the edge of Asia: Challenges for the 21st Century is available here (published December 2012).

About the journal

Welcome to the homepage of Language Documentation & Conservation (LD&C), a peer-reviewed, open-access journal sponsored by the National Foreign Language Resource Center and published exclusively in electronic form by the University of Hawai‘i Press. We publish with no fees either for contributors or for readers. LD&C is part of a range of activities in the Linguistics Department at the University of Hawai‘i, including the Language Documentation Training Center (LDTC), the archive Kaipuleohone, and the biennial Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation.

LD&C publishes papers on all topics related to language documentation and conservation, including, but not limited to, the goals of language documentation, data management, fieldwork methods, ethical issues, orthography design, reference grammar design, lexicography, methods of assessing ethnolinguistic vitality, biocultural diversity, archiving matters, language planning, areal survey reports, short field reports on endangered or underdocumented languages, reports on language maintenance, preservation, and revitalization efforts, plus reviews of software, hardware, books, and data collections.

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