This page provides a collection of examples for demonstrating actual program evaluation work that is occurring in a diversity of foreign language contexts. Examples are intended to reflect program evaluation ideas being applied to some of the many real-world challenges of U.S. college FL education settings. We invite proposals for additional examples that would be particularly useful for college FL programs. (email


Foreign Language Program Evaluation Case studies

Case Study 1: Using evaluation for development and quality assurance in an Arabic teacher training program


Case Study 2: An empirical approach to sustaining, developing, and growing a Portuguese program


Case Study 3: Using program evaluation to make a case for a new Spanish BA


Case Study 4: Understanding the educational effectiveness of the UE DFL in terms of student learning outcomes


Case Study 5: What students value in studying German: A case study



NFLRC Summer Institute 2007: Developing useful evaluation practices in college foreign language programs

Faculty members from diverse college foreign language programs across the U.S. participated in the 2007 Summer Institute of the NFLRC at the University of Hawaii to develop useful evaluation practices. This example provides a reproduciton of a booklet [pdf file] distributed at the program evaluation showcase session at the 2007 ADFL Summer Seminar West. It includes participants' joint statements on (a) evaluation value and action and (b) strategies for culture change, as well as one-page summaries of their evaluation work.

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