The following events provide opportunities of direct relevance for college foreign language educators who want to learn more about program evaluation. Personnel from the Foreign Language Program Evaluation Project will be in attendance at all of these events. Additional details and contact information will be posted as available.




*July 29-31: The Western Consortium Middle East Language Program Evaluation Workshop--"Making the Most of Program Evaluation"

Hosted by the University of Texas, Austin

Sponsored by the NFLRC, NMELRC, and the Western Consortium of University Centers of the Middle East 

  - Keynote address by John Norris:
    "High-value evaluation strategies in foreign language education"    
  - A workshop on survey development:
    "Using surveys for understanding and improving foreign language programs"
  - Evaluation showcase presentations
  - Roundtable discussions


*May: Outcomes Assessment Workshop at Rice University by John Norris

*April 13-15: Consortium on Useful Assessment in Language and Humanities Education

- Foreign langauge programs at Emory university, Georgetown University, Notre Dame University, and Rice University gathered for consortium planning at Emory University campus. As a result of planning meetings and thematic and language-specific discussions, we further specified the activities the Consortium will pursue: (a) advocate useful assessment approach (model); (b) share best practices of outcomes assessment at work (practice); and (c) produce new knowledge on assessment (research).

- Project update presentations:
* “Workshopping toward useful language assessment” (Hiram Maxim, Emory College Language Center)
* “E-portfolios: How to sel(f) yourself on the web” (Wendy Freeman, Jose Narbona, & Georges Socaciu, Rice University)
* “Humanities assessment” (Peter Pfeiffer &  Marianna Ryshina-Pankova, Georgetown University)
* “Assessment and yoga” (Ted Cachey & Shauna Williams, University of Notre Dame)
* “Articulating, integrating & coordinating learning outcomes for language study abroad” (Lance Askildson, University of    Notre Dame)

- Pre-meeting outcomes assessment workshop by Yukiko Watanabe: "Towards useful student learning outcomes assessment: Defining, mapping, and assessing outcomes"



*February 7-12: Program evaluation in language programs: Evaluation planning meetings, research presentation, workshop, panel session, and round-table discussion, Tokyo, Japan. (International Christian University, Visiting scholar: Yukiko Watanabe)

- Evaluation planning meetings: Japanese Langauge Program, English Language Program, Writing Center

- College of Education Research Seminar presentation

- Evaluation workshop for Japanese as a second language teachers
- Panel session on organizational readiness for program evaluation in language programs
- Round-table discussion session on the future of program evaluation in Japanese language program contexts


*November 24-27: Seminar on Task-Based Language Teaching, Technische Universität Dortmund (John Norris)


- Sessions on task-based assessment, evaluation, and innovation



*November 19-21: ACTFL 2010 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo, Boston, MA.



- Round-table session: “Proactive and productive reactions to externally mandated university outcomes assessment (John McE. Davis)



*November 8-13: American Evaluation Association Conference: Evaluation 2010, San Antonio, TX.


Language program evaluation related:

- Presentation: Organizational readiness for outcomes assessment in higher education (Yukiko Watanabe)



*October 12: Roundtable Forum "Towards Utilization-focused assessment in foriegn language programs

Georgetown University, DC. 

  Roundtable forum:

- Peter Pfeiffer (Convenor) 

- Lance Askildson: Useful assessment from the language center's perspective at the University of Notre Dame

- Ted Cachey & Shauna Williams: A case of assessment in Romance languages at the University of Notre Dame

- Hiram Maxim: Outcomes assessment effort at Emory University foreign language programs

- John Norris: Outcomes assessment in higher education: Impetus, utility, and consequence

- Yukiko Watanabe: Building a scholarship of outcomes assessment in college foreign language programs


*October 14-17: SLRF 2010, College Park, MD


Evaluation-related colloquium:
Language Testing and Assessment (October 16; Organizer: John Norris & Steven Ross)
- James E. Purpura "Assessing meaning in task-based language assessments"
- Bart Deygers "Language tasks and rating scales: A quest for authenticity"
- Xiaoming Xi "Reconciling the construct-based and task-based approaches in language assessment"
- Robert J. Mislevy "What is the construct in task-based language assessment?"



*September 10: Hawaii-Pacific Evaluation Association 2010 Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI.


Paper presentations on language program evaluation:
- Curt Hutchison, Hanbyul Jung "An evaluation of a training program for Korean teachers of English as a foreign    language"
- Ritsuko Iyoda "Evaluation of a hoshuukoo, a community-based Japanese weekend supplementary school:  Application of a practical participatory evaluation approach"
- Yukiko Watanabe "A multiple-case study of factors affecting outcomes assessment in higher education"



  *May 27: Seminario de Investigacion, Universidad de Murcia

A research seminar on "Evaluating language programs" (John Norris)



*March 1st: Panel discussion on utilization-focused assessment, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.


Panel discussion:

- John Norris: "Outcomes assessment in higher education: Impetus, utility, and consequence."

- Peter Pfeiffer "Practicing assessment: An example case study from Georgetown University"

- Yukiko Watanabe "Building a scholarship of outcomes assessment in college foreign language programs"



*September 13-16: 3rd International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching, Lancaster, UK.



-Colloquium: “Evaluating Task-Based Language Programs” (John Norris)



*July 9-12: AATSP 91st Annual Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Evaluation related

- Colloquium: "How to put evaluation to work for you," (Margo Milleret)



*May 18-20, 2009: Language Learning Scholar in Residence, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium


- Assessment and evaluation in task-based language programs (John Norris)



*April 23-26: 12th NCOLCTL Conference & 13th ALTA Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.



- Colloquium (April 24): "New Paradigms in evaluation and program development for LCTLs," (Margo Milleret, Seungja Choi, Dany Doueiri, Sachiko Matsunaga, Martha Schulte-Nafeh, Summer Loomis)

- Colloquium (April 24): "Shifting Paradigms in Assessment and Evaluation of Short-Term LCTL Programs," (Margaret E. Malone, Elizabeth Veatch, Megan Montee, Julia Sylla, Julie Sugarman)



*April 17-19: "Setting and Evaluating Learning Expectations," Multi-Language Western Consortium Workshop, University of Texas at Austin.


- John Norris keynote presentation (April 17), "Prioritizing the use and usefulness of evaluation in understanding and improving student learning"

- Workshop by Yukiko Watanabe & John Davis (April 17), "A utilization-focused approach to stating and evaluating student learning outcomes"

- Presentation by John Davis & Yukiko Watanabe (April 17),"Lessons learned from a college-wide student learning outcomes evaluation project: Balancing external and internal impetuses."



*April 3: 2nd Annual Spring Second Language Studies Symposium, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.



- John Norris plenary, "Assessment and evaluation: Alternatives for inquiry into language learning and teaching"



*March 21-24: Annual conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics, Denver, Colorado.


-Invited colloquium, organized by John Norris (March 22): “Critical issues at the interface between assessment and U.S. language education policy”





*November 21-23: Annual conference of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Orlando, Florida.



- Panel presentation by University of Evansville case study participants (Antonio Grau-Sempere, Chris Mohn, Roger Pieroni): “Understanding the educational effectiveness of the UE DFL in terms of student learning outcomes”
- Presentation by Duke University Summer Institute participants (Ingebor Walther, Carolyn Lee) on "Evaluating the FL Requirement at Duke" (Friday afternoon, 11-21, 3:15-4:30)


*October 9-11: Annual conference of the American Portuguese Studies Association, Yale University.

- Panel presentation by University of New Mexico case study participants Margo Milleret and Agripino Silveira on "You Lead, I'll Follow: The Dance of Program Evaluation and Development"



*August 24-29: International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) conference, Essen, Germany.



- John Norris presentation: “Evaluating task-based language teaching and learning (research) from an educational programs perspective”



*March 13-15: Foreign Language Program Evaluation Summit, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii


- Workshops on evaluation techniques
- Presentations by foreign language case study participants

- Working sessions on sustaining evaluation efforts




* September 20-22: Second International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching, Honolulu, Hawaii.


- Papers
- Colloquia
- Posters



* May 28- June 6: National Foreign Language Resource Center, residential Summer Institute on Foreign Language Program Evaluation, University of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Workshop highlights:

- Hands-on evaluation development
- Individualized tutorials
- Expert guest speakers
- Social events



* June 6 - 10: Summer Seminar West of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, University of Hawaii, Honolulu.



- Plenary Session

- Discussion Groups

- Open house of the summer institute on program evaluation





* September 8: Inaugural conference of the Hawaii-Pacific Evaluation Association, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Featured Sessions:
- Panel discussion on What's happening in Hawaii-Pacific evaluation?
- Poster sessions
- Conversation tables



* November 16-19: Annual convention of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Nashville, Tennessee.
ACTF Session: "Program Evaluation in College Foreign Language Education: Need, Capacity, Development".


- AATG Symposium. The outcomes of collegiate FL programs: Specifications, Curricular Implementations, Assessment
- National Foreign Language Resource Center publications exhibit



* June 29-July 1: Summer Seminar West of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Plenary Session: Assessing Student Competencies, the Curriculum, and Faculty Members in New Research Areas.


©2007 John Norris, Yukiko Watanabe, Marta Gonzalez-Lloret & Hye Ri Joo