John Kawahara

John Kawahara


Administrative Officer, College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature


I was born in Taiwan, but raised in Hawai`i.


I am currently coaching girl's basketball, ages 9-11. I've been coaching for about 2 years. I've coached basketball, volleyball, softball and track. Hopefully, the girls I help coach will become not only better in their respective sports, but winners in life.

Other Interesting Things

I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball.

I am currently shredding up aliens in the PC version of "Doom" and giving bonecrushing checks in "NHL Hockey '95".

Foods I enjoy: Anything in front of me!

I have 3 fantasy league basketball teams: All doing lousy!

Team I want to win the NBA Championship: Phoenix Suns

Other Places in Webspace

I like to visit Satchel Sports/ESPN's site for the latest Sports information at:

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